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Stellina Jolly

Asst Professor (Sr.)
Faculty of Legal Studies, South Asian University, New Delhi

Environmental Fields of Interest

International Environmental Law
Climate Change
Environmental Justice and Governance
Sustainable Development Law


Dr. Stellina Jolly is a Senior Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Legal Studies, South Asian University (SAU), an international organization established by the regional group of the South Asian nations (SAARC). She is also a Visiting Senior Research Associate, at the Centre for Private International law in Emerging Countries, University of Johannesburg, South Africa.

A Fulbright Scholar with the University of San Francisco and a recipient of the International Visitors Leadership Program (IVLP), she researches in international environmental law and conflict of laws. She is a member of IUCN World Commission on Environmental Law. She has recently co-authored a book titled Climate Refugees in South Asia: Protection Under International Legal Standards and State Practices in South Asia published by Springer and also published an edited collection titled ‘Private International Law: South Asian States’ Practice,’ published by Springer in 2017. She has undertaken projects and consultancies with various organizations including the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, European Union, International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), etc. She was awarded an educational grant on Civil Society Law from ICNL and USAID.

She is a resource person for the Ministry of Law, Research Project on Judicial Reforms and served as a subject expert on international environmental law for the Government of India program on developing electronic lecture database resources. She is a visiting professor at the Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA), Indian Society of International Law (ISIL), and National Law University, Delhi.

Publications and Articles


Journal Articles

  • Stellina Jolly, K.S. Roshan Menon,“Of Ebbs and Flows : Understanding the Legal Consequences of Granting Personhood to Natural Entities in India”, TransNationalEnvironmental law Journal (Cambridge forthcoming)
  • Stellina Jolly, Abhishek Trivedi, “Principle of CBDR-RC, Its Interpretation and Implementation through NDCs in the Context of Sustainable Development: Challenges and Opportunities”, Washington Journal of Environmental law and Policy (forthcoming)
  • Stellina Jolly,“Climate Change and Gender Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals through Hybrid law and Environmental Justice in India” Commonwealth law Bulletin, Vol, 2020, (forthcoming)
  • Stellina Jolly,Public Jurist  (Government and Laws Committee Hong Kong University Faculty of Law, (forthcoming)
  • Stellina Jolly, K.S.Roshan Menon, “Climate Change, Disaster and Gender  Resilience: A Legal Analysis from India”, Journal of Indian Law Institute, Vol, 61 2019 , pp 420-438.
  • Stellina Jolly, Nafees Ahmad, “ The Municipal Solid Waste Disposal of Okhla Landfill in Delhi: Locating Legal Framework and Institutional Responses” Int. J. Environment and Waste Management, Vol. X, No. Y, xxxx pp 1-20.
  • Stellina Jolly, Abishek Trivedi, “Implementing the SDG-13 through International Law: A Legal Overview with an Emphasis on Climate-Induced Displacement”, (Brill open Law 2019
  • Stellina Jolly, Ashish Saraswat, “Solar Parks and land Acquisition in India: A Legal Analysis”, International Energy Law Review 2017(6) pp227- 231
  • Stellina Jolly, Nafees Ahmad, “Climate Refugees under International Climate Law and International Refugee Law: Towards Addressing the Protection Gaps and Exploring the Legal Alternatives for Climate Justice”, ISIL Year Book of Humanitarian and Refugee Law, 2014-2015, pp 216- 248.
  • Stellina Jolly, “Access and Benefit Sharing Under Nagoya Protocol and Sustainable Development: A Critical Analysis”, International Journal of Juridical Science, University of Agora, Romania, (2015) (3) p 38-45, ISSN 1843-570X;
  • Stellina Jolly, Sachi Singh,  “Role of Civil Society in Sustainable Water Management : A Legal Analysis from India”, International Journal of Legal Studies and Research , Special issue, (2018), p 41-62
  • Stellina Jolly, “Application of Solar Energy in South Asia: Promoting Intergenerational Equity in Climate Law and Policy, Int. J. Private Law, (2014) 7 (1) pp 20-39.  
  • Stellina Jolly, S. Mahajana, “Climate Change and Security:  Forging Cooperative Mechanism in South Asia”, Int. J. Public Policy (2014) 10(6) pp 315-332.
  • Stellina Jolly, “Hazardous Waste and Environmental Justice from the Developing Countries  Perspective”, Delhi Law Review, (2012) (13), pp 138-150.
  • Stellina Jolly, P.S Jaswal, “Climate Refugees: Challenges and Opportunities for International Law”, Journal of Indian Law Institute, (2013) 53 (2) pp 67-85.
  • Stellina Jolly, P S Jaswal, “Fairness and Rule of law in Climate Change Discourse: A Critical Analysis”, Journal of Indian Law Institute, (2010) 52, (3&4 ) pp 333-380.
  • P.S. Jaswal, Stellina Jolly, “Climate Change and Gender Rights Analyzing the Linkage”, NALSAR Law Review, (2010) 5(1) pp 39 -48 .

Chapters in Edited Books

  • Stellina Jolly (2020) The Vedanta (Niyamgiri) Case: Promoting Environmental Justice and Sustainable Development in Cambridge Handbook of Environmental Justice and Sustainable Development, Prof. Carmen Gonzalez, Sumudu Atapattu and Sara L. Seck(eds) Cambridge (forthcoming 2020)
  • Stellina Jolly (2020) Evaluating the Community Resilience in Promoting Ecological and Social Justice in Ground Water Governance: Lessons from India in The Transformation of Environmental Law and Governance: Risk, Innovation and Resilience, Denise Antolini, Tianbao Qin, Francesco Sindico and Stephanie Switzer(eds), Edward Elgar Publishing(forthcoming 2020)
  • Stellina Jolly, Moses Raj G.S (2020)  Artificial Intelligence and the Legal Response Paradigms in Disaster Management in AI  and Robotics in Disaster Studies , Dr. TV Vijay Kumar and Dr. Keshav Sud(eds) Springer 2020, pp
  • Stellina Jolly, Gayatri Naik (2020) Saga of Saga of Indo- US Climate Contestation and Cooperation: A Legal Analysis in Indo –US Relation Analysis, Dr. Shveta Dhaliwal(ed) (Routledge forthcoming 2021)
  • Stellina Jolly (2018) Substantive Innovations Propounded by Indian Judiciary in Balancing Protection of Environment and Development in A Legal Analysis in Courts and the Environment, Christina Voigit and Zen Makuch, (eds )Edward Elgar, p pp142-186
  • Stellina Jolly (2017) Role of Judiciary in Bio Diversity Enforcement and Compliance: Comparison between International Court of Justice and Indian Judiciary, in Biodiversity and Sustainable Development, Usha Tandon (ed) (Routledge Forthcoming) pp 231-255,
  • Stellina Jolly (2017) A Legal Analysis of Linking Human Right Approach to Access to Water and Sharing of Trans Boundary Rivers in South Asia Water in Shifting Horizons of Public International law in South Asia, J.L.Kaul and Anupam Jha (eds) Springer   Publishers, pp135-158
  • Stellina Jolly (2017) Interrogating the pedagogy of State responsibility and Individual Rights in Disaster law, in The Emerging Threshold of Disaster Law in Asia, Amita Singh(ed) Routledge, p 143-158
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