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Pedithep Youyuenyong

Faculty of Law, Chiang Mai University
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Environmental Fields of Interest

Environmental and Planning Law
Sports Law
Comparative Torts Law


Dr Youyuenyong joined the Chiang Mai University Faculty of Law in January 2016 as Lecturer in Tort Law. He was educated at the Bangkok University in Thailand where he obtained his LLB in 2004, and at the De Montfort University, where he was awarded a doctorate in 2015 for research entitled "Comparative Environmental and Planning Law Relating to Light Pollution Control in England and Other Jurisdictions". 

His research and teaching generally focus on light pollution law from both a statutory artificial light nuisance and regulatory mechanism perspective, as well as on environmental law, planning law and comparative law. He has published articles in leading Law Reviews and Social Science Journals exploring relevant issues in light pollution legislation, artificial light nuisances, public policy, socio-legal studies.

Youyuenyong has experience of the use of social media for academic purposes, having taught in the online environment for a number of years on blended and distance self-study option.


  • Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental and Planning Law De Montfort University, Leicester - UK
  • Master of Laws in International Business Law De Montfort University, Leicester - UK
  • Bachelor of Laws in Law Bangkok University, Thailand
  • Certificate in Environmental Law and Policy University of Brighton, Brighton - UK
  • Certificate in International Climate Change Law and Policy Oxford University, Oxford - UK

Papers/Publications Published

  • ‘Guidance for Legal Reform of the Bangkok Metropolitan’s Subordinate Law relating to Light Pollution’, Chiang Mai University Journal for Political Science and Public Administration, 2013, 1 (4), pp 145 – 168.
  • ‘Light Pollution and Astronomical Observatories: Guidelines for By-laws to Reduce Light Pollution Problems’, 2013, 4 (2), Journal of Ubon Rajathanee University, available from
  • ‘Architectural Lighting, Light Pollution & Law’, 2013, 4 (2), Naresuan University Art and Architecture Journal, available from Youyuenyong, P. ‘A comparative study of the light pollution control laws of the US and the UK’. In Krop-Benesch, A., Kyba, C., & Hölker, F. (eds.), ALAN 2013 the 1st International Conference on Artificial Light at Night.: p 96.
  • Legal Issues Associated with Astronomical Light Pollution. The 5th Sammaggi Academic Conference 4 February 2012, Examination School, Oxford University. London: Samaggi Samagom (The Thai Association in the UK).
  • A Comparison between the Light Pollution Laws in the US and Scotland, the 2013 SLS Conference at University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, 3 September – 6 September 2013. (Environmental Law Poster Session)
  • A Comparison between the Light Pollution Laws in the US and England, Strathclyde Postgraduate Colloquium on Environmental Law, Glasgow, 6 June 2013. (Environmental Law Poster Session)
  • Comparative Light Pollution Control Legislation, 5th Postgraduate Research Symposium on Environmental Law, Faculty of Law, University College Cork, 24 April 2013. (Abstract Presentation), available from
  • Hard Law and Soft Law Interactions in U.S. Light Pollution Regulations, 7th Postgraduate Research Symposium on Environmental Law, Faculty of Law, University College Cork, 22 April 2015. (Abstract Presentation), available from
  • ‘Guidelines for Future Light Pollution Law Reform’. 2013, 31 (1), Chulalongkorn Law Journal, available from
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  • Legal Challenges of Measures to Promote Light Practices and Get the Environmental Health Framework to Better Support Light Pollution Prevention in England, Thailand’s Health Challenge 2013, Royal Thai Embassy, London, 15 June 2013. (Abstract Presentation)
  • ‘Light Pollution Control Legislation and Illumination Engineering’, 2012, 2 (5), Pathumwan Academic Journal, available from
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  • ‘Legal Aspects of the EU Directive 2007/60/EC on the Assessment and Management of Flood Risks’, 2011. 19 (2), Chulalongkorn University Centre for European Studies Journal, available from


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