Environmental Law Teachers Online Training Program: Environmental Law in Asia – Environmental Law Academics Panel from SA (Opportunities for Comparative Law)

To gather insights and best practices in international setting through comparison of environmental law teachings and practice.

  • 9:00AM: Introduction and Opening Instruction, Introduction of 1st Resource Speaker: Dr. Jonathan Liljeblad
  • 9:05AM: Actual Lecture (20 min) - Dr. Jonathan Liljeblad
  • 9:25AM: Introduction of 2nd Resource Speaker
  • 9:28AM: Actual Lecture (20 min) - Dr. Hanim Kamaruddin
  • 9:48AM: Presentation of 3rd Resource Speaker
  • 9:50AM: Actual Lecture (20 min) - Atty. Dr. Nupur Chowdhury
  • 10:10AM: Discussion and Q&A (20 min)    
  • 10:30AM: Presentation of Appreciation Plaques
  • 10:35AM: Wellness Break
  • 10:40AM: Closing Session and Word Cloud 
  • 10:50AM: Participants' Comments
  • 11:05AM: Closing Statements by Ms. Georgina Lloyd, Ms. Christina Pak, and Commissioner Josefe Sorrera-Ty
  • 11:15AM: End    

Session Materials