Extent of Environmental Law Teaching

(Preliminary Findings)

Law schools teach environmental law courses
Estimated number of scholars actively teaching environmental law
Environmental Law is made compulsory by the Ministry of Higher Education Department & Union of Myanmar
Must have LLM and passed entrance oral and written examinations. Only senior lecturers can teach students, junior lecturers can only be tutors

Myanmar has a wealth of natural resources and biodiversity upon which millions of livelihoods rely. While forestry, agriculture, fisheries and mining have played critical roles in Myanmar’s economic transformation, their operations have become increasingly intensive and extractive. Serious environmental challenges have emerged as a result, including deforestation, accelerated biodiversity loss, and increased pollution.

Addressing this environmental degradation and loss of invaluable natural capital continues to be a complex challenge that becomes even more urgent with the onset of climate change. In 2015, the UN Global Assessment Report ranked Myanmar amongst the three most vulnerable countries to extreme weather events. In that same year, ADB provided disaster relief in response to devastating floods and landslides, as well as an investment grant to restore livelihoods in Chin State. Myanmar has more to do to protect its ecological wealth. Development of a comprehensive and coordinated environmental framework, an enabling institutional and legal structures, expertise, and a greater capacity for natural resource management are significant challenges.

Conserving the country’s natural capital will depend on addressing countervailing incentives for environmental degradation and ensuring that sound environmental policies, laws, and regulations are adopted, applied and enforced.

Environmental law teachers and practitioners are critical to helping Myanmar adhere to international environmental agreements and develop implementing domestic policies to ensure that growth is sustainable and natural resources are conserved.