Extent of Environmental Law Teaching

(Preliminary Findings)

Law schools teach environmental law courses
Estimated number of scholars actively teaching environmental law
Environmental Law is made compulsory by the Ministry of Higher Education Department & Union of Myanmar
Must have LLM and passed entrance oral and written examinations. Only senior lecturers can teach students, junior lecturers can only be tutors

While environmental law has been made a compulsory course in Myanmar by the Ministry of Education (Higher Education Department), the curriculum and course syllabus are determined by the Board of Legal Studies every year which is sponsored by the department of law of the universities. However, due to the lack of law professors teaching in environmental law, even the University of Yangon Department of Law does not offer environmental law as a compulsory course within the basic law degree. There are limited resource teachers in Myanmar. The country needs more academicians for developing environmental law education. More training in teaching environmental law is required and there is also a need to develop the country's law curriculum. Not only students but the general public should have sound environmental preservation knowledge as Myanmar's environment has totally changed by human's lack of knowledge for the conservation of natural environment. Hence, there is an urgent need for training more lecturers to teach environmental law in Myanmar.