• The Asian Development Bank's Office of the General Counsel co-organized with the IUCN Academy of Environmental Law and National University of Malaysia the first in a series of in-country train-the-trainers programs aimed to strengthen capacity of environmental law professors. The 5-day training, led by participants trained in HQ in 2015, commenced on 9 May in Putrajaya. The program is funded under the OGC-administered regional capacity development technical assistance.

Extent of Environmental Law Teaching

(Preliminary Findings)

Law schools that teach environmental law courses
Estimated number of scholars actively teaching environmental law
Environmental Law is not required for the basic law degree
Degree required to teach environmental law

Malaysia has about 12 law schools. About 7 of them teach and offer environmental law within the basic law degree while 5 or 6 offer environmental law course in post-graduate programs. About 16 scholars are actively involved in teaching environmental law.