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IUCNAEL Climate Law Teaching Resources

The Academy has gathered course syllabi from a range of experienced environmental law instructors on climate law teaching. Simulation and negotiation exercises are also available.

IUCNAEL Colloquium Proceedings and Other Publications

Titles include Global Environmental Governance at a Crossroads; Biodiversity and Climate Change; Local Climate Change Law; Poverty Alleviation and Environmental Law; Compliance and Enforcement in Environmental Law.

IUCNAEL Course on Compliance with and Enforcement of Multilateral Environmental Agreements

This model course consists of Powerpoint presentations, an instructors’ manual and learning exercises.


The Academy’s E-Journal is a particularly valuable source of “country reports” detailing recent developments in many jurisdictions around the world.

IUCNAEL Environmental Law Presentations from Past IUCN Academy Colloquia

Environmental Law Presentations from Past IUCN Academy Colloquia and Classified in over Fifty Fields.

IUCNAEL Essential Readings in Environmental Law

This collection of about 45 reading lists consolidates recommendations from specialists and experts as guides to key literature and debates.

Legal Readiness to Attract Climate Finance: Towards a Low-Carbon Asia and the Pacific

This article highlights some of these legal barriers and showcases examples from the Lao People’s Democratic Republic and the Republic of Fiji where the countries have embarked on legal modernisation.

Oxford Handbook on International Law in Asia and the Pacific

The focus of this chapter is on the development and implementation of the international and regional instruments (multi-lateral environmental agreements, or MEAs) and policies concerning the environment and natural resources across the sub-regions of the Asia-Pacific, in the context of the continuing debate on ecological sustainability.

Social Science Research Network - Legal Scholarship Network

This website includes comprehensive links to a wide range of legal articles and reports with many focusing on environmental law from around the world.

Thailand ECON TU Archive

Academic papers in Economic and related fields including environmental issues.