Environmental Law Teachers Online Training Program: Role of Courts in addressing Environmental Protection in the Philippines

To discuss the roles of courts in addressing environmental protection issues. The session will also cover discussion on rules of procedures for environmental cases including the basics concepts of Writ of Kalikasan, Mandamus etc. and Climate Change.

  • 9:00AM: Introduction, Opening Instructions and Introduction of Resource Speaker: Prof. Galahad Pe Benito
  • 9:05AM: Part 1 - Lecture by Prof. Galahad Pe Benito
  • 9:35AM: Kahoot Quiz 
  • 9:40AM: Part 2 - Lecture by Prof. Galahad Pe Benito
  • 10:10AM: Wellness Break
  • 10:15AM: Introduction of Resource Speaker: Briony Eales
  • 10:20AM: Lecture by Briony Eales
  • 10:40AM: Open Forum
  • 11:00AM: Closing Remarks

Session Materials