Sustainable Development and Environment Governances

This publication is a collection of papers and articles on various sustainable development and environmental governance topics covering environmental protection, rural tourism, biotechnology issues, environmental trade, timber trade, role of women, human rights, renewable energy, the judiciary, and constitutional laws in India.  

  1. Sustainable Development and Environment Governances
  2. The Famous Movements & Outcomes For The Protection of Environment In India And Abroad- A Study 
  3. Promoting Sustainable Rural Development in Assam through Rural Tourism: Opportunities and Constraints 
  4. Factors Influencing Farm Size Decision of Farmers for Sustainable Paddy Cultivation in Assam
  5. Environmental Laws in India - An Analysis 
  6. Biotechnology Prospects and Concern: Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) Controversies in India from Legal and Governance Perspective 
  7. Locating Timber Trade in International Trade: A Conspectus of WTO Regime 
  8. Women as Guardians of Environment, Sustainable Development and the Role of Media
  9. Environmental governance for sustainable development: Prospect and scope towards delivering environmental justice 
  10. Ramification of Human Rights against Industrial accidents regarding Environmental Laws
  11. Indian Constitution & Judiciary on Environmental Protection 
  12. Ethos of Environment protection in India: A Constitutional and Judicial approach
  13. Relative Eclectic Alusions About the Environmental Refugee 
  14. Sustainable Approach on Habitats for Wild Animals: Indian and International Perspectives
  15. Sustainable Management of Natural Resources Development: Need for an Inclusive Society
  16. Human rights and climate change 
  17. Environment Impact Assessment – Appraisal and Efficacy of National Green Tribunal Act, 2010
  18. Famous Doctrines of Environemntal Law and Case Laws
  19. Birds Eye View of National Green Tribuanl and its Functional Ethos 
  20. National Green Tribunal: A Road Towards Environmental Justice
  21. The Canopy of NGT and The Protection of Biodiversity: A Nexus 
  22. Statistical analysis of climatic variables in two ground based meteorological stations of Assam (India)
  23. Human Rights on Enviromental Laws 
  24. Renewable Energy and its Future Role in India - A Critical Analysis 
  25. Overview of Human Rights and Sustaninable Development in National and International Perspectives