Legal Protection of Great Apes and Gibbons

In the autumn of 2017, with the financial support of the Arcus Foundation, Legal Atlas launched the Legis-Apes Project to provide a closer look at the state of legal protection afforded to great apes and gibbons, as well as specific guidance on additional measures range countries may take to ensure full legal protection for them. The one-year research effort covers 17 range countries and resulted in the compilation and analysis of 40 international treaties applicable directly or indirectly to great apes and gibbons and more than 330 national laws and regulations. The results of this review are contained in this report. 

The report examines the national legal foundations that are critical in the fight against illicit trade.

Recognizing that wildlife trade and related crimes are comprised of several interconnected parts that happen along a chain of activities designed to move wildlife from the wild to the market, the report highlights the regulatory gaps that occur along that chain. It also takes a closer look at penalty types and forms of liability that have an impact on the effectiveness of legislation.