Global Environment Outlook (GEO-6): Regional Assessment for Asia and the Pacific

The assessment provides the first integrative baseline in light of global and regional mega trends supported by open access to data and information. This is a great success not only of science informing policy, but of nations at the regional level acting together on the basis of science to achieve an authoritative assessment of the state,trends and outlook of the their regional environment.

The Asia and the Pacific region has seen rapid economic growth, urbanization and lifestyle changes that are unprecedented. Scientific analysis, however, shows the current approach to development in the region inflicts a significant cost on health and the environment. Soon, development will start to undermine itself. The region is also highly vulnerable to climate change; unchecked, its adverse effects can reverse the recent gains in development.

The region has made significant commitments to mitigate climate change. Almost all the countries submitted their Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) targets to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change before the Paris Conference. In fact, there is optimism that larger economies will go further than their INDCs, taking additional transformative measures to lower greenhouse gas emissions and develop resource-efficient