Zhang Yuling


Environment and Resources Conservation Law

Environmental Fields of Interest

  • Energy Law
  • Nuclear Law
  • Environmental Law
  • International Environmental Law

Papers and Publications Published

  • Textbook of Legislations on Nuclear Safety (1st edition in 2015, China Communications Press) Papers:
  • Progress of Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the Post-Paris Agreement Era—From the Viewpoint of Constructing National System of Carbon Emission Permit Trading in China.
  • On the Construction of Fiscal Emergency Reacting Mechanism for Nuclear Disasters in Environmental Legal System—A Survey Centered on Fiscal Emergency Work in Fukushima Nuclear Accident.
  • Research on the Regulation Scope of Nuclear Safety Law.
  • Nuclear Safety Law Should Build Legal System for Nuclear Emergency.
  • Nuclear Security and Nuclear Terrorism in the Context of International Law: Review on China’s Response.
  • Perfection of Accountability System in Remediation of Soil Pollution in China.
  • Construction of Legal Institution of Land Remediation in China—From the Perspective of Incident of Changzhou Poisoned Land.
  • Mature Foreign Practices Should be Learned to Promote China’s Legislations on Prevention and Control of Soil Pollution.
  • Practice of Development of Environmental Tax in Foreign Countries and Its Enlightenments for China.
  • Environmental NIMBY (not-in-my-backyard): Investigation Based on the Perspective of Risk Prevention.
  • A Brief Analysis of Environmental Path of Rule of Law in the Strategy of “One Belt and One Road”.
  • The Analysis of the Illegality of EU Marine Carbon Tax—The Attitude of International Community and Chinese Coping Strategies.
  • Newly-Revised Environmental Protection Law Enforcement Has Four Major Influences.
  • A Basic Mode of Environmental Governance over Arctic Passage: A Battle between Voluntary Purification and Sovereign Governance.
  • Multiple Measures Are Needed to Prevent the Risk of Environmental Administrative Enforcement.
  • Introduction of Enterprises’ Environmental Information Reporting System in China.
  • A Brief Talk on the Establishment of Environmental Courts in China.
  • Specific Norms on Law Enforcement Shall Be Issued to Ensure the System of Consecutive Daily Penalties Being Effectively Implemented.