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Vorranat Booncharoen

School of Law, Chiang Rai Rajabhat University
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Environmental Fields of Interest

International Law
Cyber Law
Energy Law and Policy


Vorranat Booncharoen began his lecturer career at Chiang Rai Rajabhat University in 2015 which was the same year he finished his Master of Law degree. He was appointed to teach environmental law on his first semester. However, his major responsibility subjects were Public International law and Private International Law. He is also interested in Cyber Law and related technology advancement. Being new to environmental field of study, he is interest in how core mechanics of international environmental law helps define cyberspace, an unlikely connected field of study, as an actual environment. Cyber conflict was an issue similar to conventional natural resources dispute between states. By applying environmental legal norms to cyberspace, it could be useful because much of international environmental law addresses a problem familiar to cyber policymakers, the inherent tension between a state’s sovereignty and its obligations to individuals, other states, and a shared common space. By analyzing environmental rights and responsibilities under international law, many concepts can be helpfully applicable to cyberspace as well. 

He wish to gain beneficial knowledge and method from this training program and pass on to his students.

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