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Tin Htay Ei

Professor and Head of the Department of Law
Yangon University of Distance Education
tinhtayei.ei [at]

Environmental Fields of Interest

Environmental Law


Professor Tin Htay Ei is a lecturer and head of the Department of Law at the Yangon University of Distance Education. Her main field of research is Environmental Law.

The following are her research papers that have been published in local journals:

  1. Legal control on Industrial hazardous waste, Dagon University Research Journal Vol.1, No.1,2005
  2. ISO and the Industrial Environment, Dagon University Research Journal Vol.2, No.1,2006
  3. Legal control on Industrial Hazardous Waste, Law journal Vol.7, No.2,2006
  4. Legal control on Industrial Hazardous Waste in Myanmar, Journal of the Myanmar Academy of Arts and Science .Vol.5, No.7,2007
  5. International Environmental Law and Industrial Environment, Yadanabon University Annual Magazine 2008
  6. An analytical study on "Desertion" under Myanmar Customary Law, Yadanabon University Research Journal , Vol.1, No.1,2009
  7. Hazardous Waste Management among ASEAN Countries, Universities Research Journal ,Vol.4, No.7,2011
  8. Importance of Environmental Education, Research Journal of Mandalay University, Vol.3,2012
  9. Industial Development and Human Rights in Myanmar, Yangon University of Distance Education Research Journal, Dec 2017 Vol.8, No.1
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