Georgina Lloyd

Centre for field Studies, Cambodia


Environmental Law, Environmental Ethics

Georgina Lloyd is Director of the Centre for Field Studies in Cambodia, and is a Resident Lecturer in Environmental Ethics & Development. She commenced working with the School of Field Studies in 2014. She has been living in Siem Reap Cambodia since 2007. During this time in Siem Reap, she completed her PhD in Environmental Law (heritage law) and undertook a post-doctoral fellowship collaborating with the Cambodian Government on policy development for the Angkor World Heritage Site. She has been a Project Officer for the UNESCO-Australia-Cambodia Angkor Heritage Management Framework project and a Director and Affiliated Researcher with the University of Sydney Research Centre. Her PhD in heritage law examined the protection of living (intangible) heritage in Cambodia and the application of international law at a national level and at the Angkor World Heritage Site.