Bùi Đức Hiển

Attorney, Professor
Institute of State and Law, Viet Nam


Environmental Law, Sustainable Development

Bùi Đức Hiển has taught Environmental Law, Environment and Sustainable Development, and Environment and Human Beings, in Viet Nam for more than 10 years. He is currently focused on Vietnamese law and policy to address climate change and legal mechanisms to ensure the right to a good environment in the country.

    The following are his works under Environmental Law and Policy:

    • Book: “The current law on control of air pollution in Viet Nam”, National Politics & Truth Publisher, Hanoi, 2017.
    • Leading and partaking in research projects, including “Legal issues on gauging damages caused by environmental pollution conducts” (2010); “The law on reparation for environmental pollution conducts” (2012); “The reality of the environmental law in Viet Nam” (2013); “Legal mechanism to ensure the right to a good environment” (2014); “Legal basis for addressing climate change in Viet Nam” (2014); “The law on management of regular waster in Viet Nam” (2015); “The law on management of wastewater in Viet Nam” (2016).
    • Selected conference papers
      • “Conservation of Biodiversity towards sustainable development” (2012);
      • “Theoretical issues on improving the law on control of air pollution and implications for drafting the law on Clean Air Law towards sustainable development in Viet Nam” (2017).
    • Selected articles
      • “Environmental law and policy on ensuring sustainable development in Viet Nam in the instrument of the XI National Congress of Viet Nam Communist Party”, Jurisprudence Journal 8(159), 2013, pp. 20-26.
      • “Recommendations on the right to a good environment in the draft Constitution of 2013”, State and Law Review 6(302), 2013, pp. 12-18.
      • “Governing law on protection of river water environment in Viet Nam – Theoretical issues”, Jurisprudence Journal 11, 2018, pp. 57-66.
      • “Impact assessment of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on the control of environmental pollution in Viet Nam and legal issues”, Journal of Law and Practice 35(2019), pp. 42-52.