TA-9248 MYA: Rural Productivity and Ecosystems Services Enhanced in Central Dry Zone Forest Reserves - Assistant Project Manager (47152-002)

ADB has secured a grant of $ 4.79 million from the Global Environment Facility (GEF)  to co-finance the “Irrigated Inclusive Agriculture Development Project” (IAIDP) project, which is a loan implemented bythe Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation (MoALI) in Myanmar. The GEF co-financing has been prepared as a technical assistance (TA) project – “Rural Productivity and Ecosystems Services Enhanced in Central Dry Zone Forest Reserves”. The TA will be executed by ADB and implemented by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation (MONREC). Within MONREC the TA will be lead by the Dry Zone Greening Department (DZGD), and include the Forest Department (FD) and Environmental Conservation Department (ECD). Co-financing of $500,000 in kind has been confirmed by the DZGD. Implementation arrangements will be structured to ensure close synergy with the IAIDP.

The background and rationale for the proposed TA has been articulated in the GEF Project Identification Form (PIF), the GEF CEO endorsement document, as well as preparatory work and due diligence supporting the IAIDP.  The proposed TA  complements the IAIDP by (i) addressing the special concerns of communities in and around the Permanent Forest Estate (PFE) in the CDZ, (ii) focusing on ecosystems-based approaches to management of natural capital, and (iii) building bridges across Ministries, which would not coordinate well under ‘business as usual’ circumstances.

The objective of the proposed TA is to enhance rural productivity and ecosystems services in Central Dry Zone forest reserves, over a five year project period.  Initial training and capacity development will be conducted in Mae Nyo Taung forest reserve in Meikhtila District, Mandalay Region, and once tested and refined, the packages will be scaled up to cover over 300,000 ha of Permanent Forest Estate (PFE) as well as surrounding villages and townships. The Assistant Project Manager will report directly to the Project Manager and work in close collaboration with the Project Director and Chief Technical Advisor, to provide overall technical guidance and direction, particularly field level coordination for the TA.

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