Call For Papers: 17th ASLI Conference - Law and Justice in Asia

The Asian Law Institute (ASLI) at the National Law University, Delhi will host the 17th ASLI Conference in New Delhi on 3 and 4 June 2020. The purpose of the annual conference is to bring together scholars of Asian law from within and outside Asia to interact, share ideas and build collegial networks which may facilitate dialogue and research collaborations. The broad theme of the 2020 conference is Law and Justice in Asia.

Under the conference theme, papers will be grouped within broad subject areas, and panels will be formed on this basis. The broad subject areas will include: Banking and Finance; Children and Law; Competition Law; Constitutional and Administrative Law; Corporate Law & Governance; Criminal Law; Environmental Law; Family Law; Human Rights; Information Technology Law; International Arbitration and Dispute Resolution; International Business Law; International Investment Law; International Law; Intellectual Property Rights; International Regulation of Trade; Law & Economic Development; Law and Religion; Law & Society; Legal Education; Legal Pluralism; Maritime Law; Migration; Miscellaneous; Private Law; and Women & Law.

However, papers on all topics are welcome, and the ‘Miscellaneous’ category means that it is not necessary for a paper to fit within any specific subject area to be accepted.

More information can be found on the Asian Law Institute website