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Call For Papers: 17th ASLI Conference - Law and Justice in Asia

The Asian Law Institute (ASLI) at the National Law University, Delhi will host the 17th ASLI Conference in New Delhi on 3 and 4 June 2020. The purpose of the annual conference is to bring together scholars of Asian law from within and outside Asia to interact, share ideas and build collegial networks which may facilitate dialogue and research collaborations. The broad theme of the 2020 conference is Law and Justice in Asia.

Calls for Applications: 7 National Researchers and a Copy Editor for the RWI-funded Thematic Study on the Right to Safe, Clean and Sustainable Environment in ASEAN

This study comprises of eight chapters for which we are recruiting 7 National Researchers from the ASEAN region with substantive knowledge of human rights and the environment/climate change and deep contextual knowledge of one or two ASEAN countries. 

Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Advanced Study (JNIAS) - Invitation for Researchers

Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Advanced Study (JNIAS) invites researchers from all over the world to share their research in natural sciences, social sciences and humanities as a JNIAS fellows. They are invited for minimum two months and maximum one year as they are provided free of cost hosting facilities at JNIAS. Foreign researchers must submit a project on which they intend to visit JNU, along with an application and timeline of their study. The selection for the fellows is done by a professional committee appointed by the University.

Call for experts: assessment of legal frameworks related to marine plastic pollution

IUCN is seeking legal experts from Kenya, Mozambique, South Africa, Thailand and Vietnam to undertake an assessment of legal and policy frameworks related to addressing plastic pollution affecting the marine environment. 

Postdoctoral fellows (3-5) with orientation toward environmental research in human science (humanities, law, social science)

This call is part of Stockholm University’s strategic inter-disciplinary initiative in environmental research in human science, which comprises environmental humanities, law and social science. In a broad sense, this research aims to understand and explain the relationship between human beings, society, environment and nature from a range of theoretical, empirical and methodological traditions and perspectives.

The 1st International Conference on Law, Environment and Society (ICLES 2018) Nature and the Law

The TTT Regional Network is invited to participate in the 1st International Conference on Law, Environment and Society -  Nature and the Law that will be held in the Faculty of Law, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia on 13-16 November 2018. This conference offers a unique opportunity to researchers, academicians and students to present and share their research work through an online platform.

Colombo, Sri Lanka In-Country Training

Law professors representing institutions from Sri Lanka and India were trained at the 8th In-Country TTT workshop.

Yangon, Myanmar In-Country Training

Law professors representing institutions from Myanmar were trained at the 7th In-Country TTT workshop.

Country Focal Points Roundtable

Country focal points gather to discuss the requirements and next steps for the State of Environmental Law Report and the next phase of the Developing Environment Law Champions Project.

Siem Reap, Cambodia and Lao PDR In-Country Training

Law professors representing institutions from Cambodia and Lao PDR were trained at the 6th In-Country TTT workshop.

BRI must embrace international arbitration to succeed - Christina Pak

The gigantic Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has profound implications, and not just for the economies it will encompass. It will also transform legal systems, as participating countries work out how to ensure contracts to build huge infrastructure projects are implemented and completed on time and without dispute.

Declining Natural Capital: High Stakes for Asia and the Pacific

The widespread loss of natural ecosystems and biodiversity is much more than a conservation issue; countless lives and livelihoods depend on them.

Fighting The Good Fight

For Gloria “Golly” Estenzo-Ramos, it was environmental law that made her practice more meaningful. As Oceana Philippines vice president and co-founder of the Philippine Earth Justice Center, Ramos is constantly on the frontlines of marine preservation.

Putting waste to work for green and resilient cities

Urban waste can be an asset. Not making the most of it is a missed opportunity for Asian cities.

Blue finance: The Philippines declares war on waste

In April Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte took a characteristically drastic step. He closed Boracay. It is an indication of the environmental threat from marine pollution. Can the private sector help clean up the seas?