Second Regional Roundtable of Asian Environmental Law Champions - Cebu, Philippines

Group photo of all trainers, guests and participants from the Second Regional Roundtable in Cebu, Philippines

Participants and trainers from the 1st Roundtable and previous TTT Programs will gather to reinforce the learnings and commitments from the TTT Programs.

All the materials are in PDF format. 

Event Materials

(last updated: 30 May 2017 - 10:00)

Session 1: Overview of the ADB/IUCNAEL TTT Project

Session 2: Climate Change Law and Challenges Regarding Implementation of NDCs in Asian Countries

​NDC Challenges by Country

Session 3: Recent Developments in National Environmental Law in Asia

Session 4: Report Back from the IUCNAEL Teaching Workshop           

Session 5: Environmental Litigation + Good Environmental Governance