Malaysia In-Country Training

9 - 12 May 2016
  • Group photo from the Malaysia In-Country Training Session

Held at National University of Malaysia was the first ever in-country TTT program.

Introduction to the Training Program

TTT Program Outline and Teaching Materials


Session 1: Introduction to the Course
Presentation: Introduction to the Course

Session 2A: Building Environmental Law Champions
Presentation: Building Environmental Law Champions

Session 2B: Global & Regional Environmental Issues
Presentation: Global and Regional Environmental Issues

Session 3: Introduction to Environmental Law: Goals, Objects, Principles & Norms
Presentation: Introduction to Environmental Law
Presentation: Defining the Environment

Session 4: Environmental (Spatial) Planning and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Law
Presentation: Case Study on the Bakun Dam, Malaysia
Presentation: Diagram of Environmental Agencies in Malaysia
Presentation: Environmental (Spatial) Planning and EIA Law

Session 5: Environmental Protection Law
Presentation: Environmental Protection Laws

Session 6: Biodiversity and Heritage Law
Presentation: Biodiversity and Heritage Law
Presentation: Heritage Films

Session 7: Natural Resources Management Law
Presentation: Overview of Natural Resources Management Law
Presentation: Role-play (Part 1)

Session 8: Climate Change and Clean Energy Law
Presentation: Climate Change and Clean Energy Law

Session 9: Environmental Law Clinics
Presentation: Environmental Law Clinics
Presentation: Explanation on the Role of Environmental Clinics
Presentation: Environmental Litigation
Presentation: Role of the Judiciary | Speech by Mr. Justice Tan Sri Richard Malanjum, Chief Judge, Sabah and Sarawak, Malaysia

Session 10: International Environmental Law
Presentation: ​International Environmental Law

Session 11: Regional Environmental Law
Presentation: Regional Environmental Law - Case study on Trans-boundary Pollution the Singapore-Malaysia Land Reclamation Dispute, 2003
Presentation: Case Study of Trans-boundary Haze - Pollution in ASEAN Countries
Presentation: Regional and Domestic Environmental Law

Session 13: Designing an Environmental Law Course
Presentation: Designing an Environmental Law Course - Methodology

Session 14: The Role of Assessment
Presentation: The Role of Assessment
Presentation: Assessment Options

Teaching Exercises

Session 5
Tutorial Problem (Air Pollution Control)

Session 7
Alternative Approaches in Environmental Dispute Resolution - Role Play Exercise: Mediation 

Session 8 and 10
Guided Research Exercise


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