Webinar: Teaching Environmental Law Online - Environmental Law Teachers Online Training Program

To discuss issues and challenges in implementing an online environmental law class. The session will also tackle discussion on IT Support on how to better enhance online teaching experience for both students and faculty. 

Part 2

  • 9:00AM: Introduction Host, Opening Instruction Video Presentation
  • 9:05AM: Introduction of Atty. Rose-Liza Eisma-Osorio Host
  • 9:07AM: Actual Lecture (15 mins) Atty. Rose-Liza Eisma-Osorio
  • 9:22AM: Introduction of Prof. Amanda Kennedy Host
  • 9:25AM: Actual Lecture (15 mins) Prof. Amanda Kennedy
  • 9:40AM: Wellness Break (5 mins)
  • 9:45AM: Introduction of Atty. Donna Gasgonia Host
  • 9:47AM: Actual Lecture (15 mins) Atty. Donna Gasgonia
  • 10:05AM: Sharing of best practices in online teaching (15 mins) Participants
  • 10:20AM: Moderated discussion on technology and access (40 mins) Facilitator: Matthew Baird
  • 11:00AM: End Host

Session Materials