Environmental Law Teachers Online Training Program: Syllabus Review Workshop

Gain insights on the best practices in teaching environmental law in international setting. Participants will discuss the essential elements of the syllabus, content and pedagogy in a syllabus for environmental law, practice in identifying and incorporating essential elements of content and pedagogy into existing syllabi and encourage group discussion to promote common sense of essential elements. 

Resource persons will discuss their course syllabus on environmental law. The lecture will be followed by a sharing session where participants can share their comments on the presented sample syllabus. 

  • 9:00AM: Introduction, Opening Instructions, Video Presentation
  • 9:05AM: Introduction of Resource Speaker: Associate Professor Jonathan Liljeblad
  • 9:05AM: Instructions for the Breakout Rooms: Activity 1
  • 9:10AM: Actual Lecture, Breakout Rooms
  • 9:55AM: Wellness Break (5 mins)
  • 10:05AM: Instructions for the Breakout Rooms: Activity 2 
  • 10:05AM: Breakout Rooms, Activity 2: Pedagogy, Discussion in the breakout rooms (15 mins)
  • 10:20AM: Plenary Presentation and Group Reporting (30 mins)     

Session Materials