Environmental Law Teachers Online Training Program: Pedagogical Enrichment on Environmental Law

To identify the strength and weakness of setting up an online teaching program as alternative method of teaching and discuss selected student engagement programs as enhancement to instructional strategies for the teaching of environmental law. 

  • 9:00AM: Introduction
  • 9:05 AM: Opening Instructions, Video Presentation
  • 9:10AM: Introduction of Resource Speaker, Dr. Georgina Lloyd
  • 9:15AM: Discussion on Experiential Learning (15 mins) Dr. Georgina Lloyd, Resource Speaker
  • 9:30AM: Live Demonstration: Informea Platform UNEP, Field Trip (30 mins)
  • 10:00AM: Introduction of Resource Speaker 
  • 10:05AM: Dialogue on Student Engagement Program: Facilitator: Matthew Baird, Atty. Rose-Liza Eisma-Osorio, Atty. Ernesto Neri, Kenny J. Bayudan
    • Student internship program with NGOs, 
    • International Environmental Law Moot Court Competition, 
    • Student-led Seminars on Environmental Law (30 mins)
  • 10:35AM: Open Forum: Discussion between Participants (20 mins) 
  • 10:55AM: Closing Remarks 
  • 11:00AM: End

Session Materials