Cebu, Philippines In-Country Training

Law professors, deans and judges representing 25 law schools from 15 different provinces across the Philippines were trained at the 3rd In Country TTT workshop. 

Introduction to the Training Program

TTT Program Outline and Teaching Materials


Session 1: Opening Ceremony + Introduction to the Course
Introduction to the TTT Project and this Program

Session 2A: Building Environmental Law Champions
Presentation: Inspirational Leaders in Environmental Law

Session 2B: Global & Regional Environmental Issues
Presentation: GEO-6 Regional Report for Asia
Presentation: Global and Regional Environmental Issues

Session 3: Introduction to Environmental Law: Goals, Objects, Principles & Norms
Presentation: Introduction to Environmental Law
Presentation: Drafting exercise on definition of “environment”

Session 4: Environmental (Spatial) Planning and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Law
Presentation: Overview of environmental (spatial) planning and EIA law
Presentation: Offshore Oil Exploration in a Marine Protected Area Case Study
Presentation: Overview of ADB's Environmental Safeguards

Session 5: Environmental Protection Law
Presentation: Environmental Protection Law

Session 6: Protection of Biodiversity / Natural and Cultural Heritage
Presentation: Biodiversity and Heritage Law

Session 7: Natural Resources Management Law
Presentation: Natural Resources Management Law
Presentation: Role-play Introduction

Session 8: Climate Change / Clean Energy Law
Presentation on Climate Change / Clean Energy Law

Session 9: Environmental Dispute Resolution and the Role of the Judiciary  
Presentation: Environmental Litigation: A Comparative Perspective

Session 10: Rights in Environmental Law
Presentation: Environmental Law Clinics
Presentation: Substantive & Procedural Rights in Environmental Law

Session 11: Regional Environmental Law (ASEAN)
Presentation: ASEAN regional environmental law and comparison with other regional systems
Presentation: Case Study - Indonesian Forest Fires
Presentation: Case Study - Illegal Fishing in Philippine Waters by Foreign Nationals

Session 13: International Environmental Law
Presentation: International Environmental Law

Session 14: Designing an Environmental Law Course: Part 1
Presentation: ​Designing an Environmental Law Course - Methodology Options

Session 17: Designing an Environmental Law Course: Part 2
Presentation: Role of Assessment
Presentation: Assessment Options


Teaching Exercises

Session 5
Tutorial Problem (Solid Waste Management)

Session 4 to 7
Hypothetical Case Study for Small Group Discussion 

Session 7
Alternative Approaches in Environmental Dispute Resolution - Role Play Exercise: Mediation 

Session 8 and 11
International Environmental Law Research Assignment 

Session 18
Designing an Environmental Law Course - Design Exercise 


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