Pakistan is located in Southern Asia, bordering the Arabian Sea, between India on the east, Iran and Afghanistan on the west and China in the north.  The geography and climate of Pakistan are extremely diverse, and the country is home to a wide variety of wildlife. The variety of landscape divides Pakistan into 6 major regions.

The diversity of landscapes and climates in Pakistan allows a wide variety of trees and plants to flourish. The flora and fauna of Pakistan suffer from a number of problems. Pakistan has the second-highest rate of deforestation in the world. This, along with hunting and pollution, is causing adverse effects on the ecosystem.  Threats to biodiversity include deforestation, grazing, soil erosion and desertification, dams/irrigation, salination/waterlogging, pollution, hunting/fishing and agricultural practices.   To combat the environmental problems, the government has established a large number of protected areas, wildlife sanctuaries, and game reserves to deal with these issues.