"Study at Wuhan University Scholarship" for Doctoral Program (Year 2017) at the Research Institute of Environmental Law

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Wuhan University is ranked among the top ten universities in China. Its Research Institute of Environmental Law is the foremost environmental law research institute in the country. The university’s high educational quality and beautiful campus on East Lake attract more than 2,000 international students a year to study in the university’s various disciplines.

The School of International Education at Wuhan University is responsible for the enrolment, admission, and administrative affairs of international students. To encourage more outstanding international students to study at Wuhan University, the university is providing “Study at Wuhan University Scholarships” for doctoral programs.

This information sheet is directed only at applicants interested in admission to the Doctoral Program in Environmental Law at the Research Institute of Environmental Law (RIEL) at Wuhan University.

Eligibility of applicants

  1. Must intend to take the Doctoral Program full-time.
  2. Must be of non-Chinese nationality.
  3. Must be under 40 years of age and hold a Bachelor of Laws or JD degree, as well as a Master’s degree in law, or demonstrate equivalent experience.

Supporting categories, duration, and instruction language

  1. The scholarship will support doctoral students for no more than four years.
  2. The duration of the scholarship, which covers both core study and preparatory study, as specified in the Admission Letter, cannot be extended.
  3. Scholarship students are to register for the English-language Doctoral Program.

Please go to http://admission.whu.edu.cn for program information.

Scholarship coverage

  1. Tuition fee.
  2. Accommodation.
  3. Living allowance of 3,500 RMB per month.
  4. Medical insurance.

Application procedure

  1. Prior to submitting any documents to the university, please first contact Professor Alexander Zahar (contact information below) at the Research Institute of Environmental Law to discuss your interest in the scholarship. Please await Professor Zahar’s express approval before submitting any application documents.
  2. Once approval to apply is given, please register and submit your online application using the “Wuhan University Online Application System for International Students” (http://admission.whu.edu.cn).
  3. Please submit online the completed “Application Form for International Scholars and Students of Wuhan University” and other application documents as required below, and download and print a hard copy of the completed application form.

Application documents

  1. Application Form for International Scholars and Students of Wuhan University.
  2. Notarized university degree certificates and transcripts (the original and copy of each one): to be issued directly by the educational administration office of your university, with an official stamp. Students who have not yet completed their Master’s degree must submit an official document issued by your university to prove your current student status, expected degree certificate, and graduation date.
  3. Application letter and study plan: In your letter, please state the reasons that you would like to study at Wuhan University, your strengths, and your expected study and research plan, including your preferred research area, up to 1,000 words, in English.
  4. Two Recommendation Letters from professors or associate professors, in English.
  5. A scanned copy of the personal details page of your valid passport.
  6. Foreigner Physical Examination Form (photocopy), completed in English or Chinese. The physical examination must cover all the items listed in the Foreigner Physical Examination Form. Incomplete forms or forms without the signature of the attending physician, or the official stamp of the hospital or medical practice, or a sealed photograph of the applicant, are considered invalid. Please carefully plan your physical examination schedule as the result is valid for only six months. Please keep the original copy of the Form for registration.
  7. For non-native English applicants, a valid certificate of competency in English is required (TOEFL or IELTS).